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Oct 9 2014 4:23PM

This Web service does not conform to WS-I Basic Profile v1.1. Please examine each of the normative statement violations below.

I was working on web services method overloading and i found this issue.
This Web service does not conform to WS-I Basic Profile v1.1. Please examine each of the normative statement violations below.

Oct 8 2014 2:09PM

ASP.Net web services interview questions and answers

ASP.Net web services interview questions and answers. Below are few questions and answers related to web service.

Oct 1 2014 2:17PM

History of Json

JSON is an independent data exchange format. It is human readable. Below is the history of JSON.

Oct 1 2014 11:28AM

How to convert ASP.Net project into SharePoint

I am working on a small project, now i want to change this project or re-create this project in SharePoint.

Sep 29 2014 9:37PM

Can we restore a deleted List or Library in SharePoint?

Hi all, I have a query related to List and Library in SharePoint. In our SharePoint applications or sites all time we play with list or library.

Sep 29 2014 9:31PM

Can we create an alert in SharePoint 2010 using Powershell script?

I know how to create an alert in SharePoint, but this time my need is different.

Sep 29 2014 9:52AM

What is XSLT used for? What is its used in SharePoint?

As I know XSLT stands for EXtensible Stylesheet Language, but not aware about the implementation of it.

Sep 28 2014 11:45PM

Is MVC implementation possible in SharePoint?

I am working on MVC and thought to implement it in one of the running SharePoint project.

Sep 28 2014 11:42PM

Can any one explain about web services in SharePoint?

I am new to SharePoint and I am learning about web services in SharePoint.

Sep 28 2014 11:37PM

How to use JQuery library files in SharePoint application?

Can we use jquery library files in SharePoint site or application? I am in a need where Jquery file is the easiest way to do.

Sep 28 2014 11:33PM

Remove duplicate result in SharePoint

I am facing a problem in SharePoint search result.

Sep 16 2014 10:59PM

Introduction to JSON. How to implement it in ASP.Net?

What is JSON? json stands for Java Script Object Notation. JSON is easier and faster than compare to XML.

Sep 14 2014 7:49PM

What are differences between server.transfer and response.redirect?

Can any one please explain the difference between server.transfer and response.redirect.

Aug 25 2014 9:41PM

Why IIS worker process is consuming high memory usage?

My site is hosted in IIS, sometimes it takes too much time to load.

Aug 24 2014 11:40PM

What is view state in

Please explain view state in