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Transaction scope in C#.net with an example.

TransactionScope is an important class in the .NET Framework.It makes Makes a code block transactional. This class can not be inherited.


How to add file in root of a sharepoint web application?

SharePoint folder structures are different, generally pages will be available in Page library. What if a user wants to add a file in root of SharePoint web application.


What is sharepoint 2010 timer job?

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 timer jobs perform much of the back-end work that is required to maintain your SharePoint farm. Timer jobs are executable tasks that run on one or more servers at a scheduled time.


What is crawl rule in sharepoint 2010?

Crawl rule allow sharepoint administrator to include and exclude specific url during crawling.


How to save data to sql table using ajax post method

Ajax post method is a way to save data. Normally we use C# code on button click with .aspx and .aspx.cs file. But suppose you have html file then how will you proceed.


Java script to get dropdown selected value

How to get dropdown selected value by using java script. Below is java script code.


How to format url in a gridview anchor tag

Url is most important item in context of SEO, there are many ways to format url. You can rewrite url or you can map url. There is also third way to show a new url.


Java Script - Allow only numeric value in textbox

Sometime there might be requirement to allow only numeric value in a textbox, for example value in mobile number and in pin code.


Java script - form validation code

Java script is useful in form validation. Here is the script for validation.


Java Script - How to get value of selected radio button

Radio button is an html control used for optional choice. Java script is a way to get the value of radio button which is selected. Here is the code:


How to bind dropdown using ajax call method?

Binding dropdown using ajax post method is different than binding with C# code. Below is the piece of code which explains , how to bind dropdown with ajax call method.


Site template vs Site definition

Site template and site definition are building block of a SharePoint site. Below are differences between Site Template and Site Definition.


SPSite vs SPWeb in SharePoint

SPSite and SPWeb are fundamental types in the Server Object Model. They represent a site collection and a website


What are features in SharePoint?

Features allow you to customize your site very easily. You may add new functionality by using features. Features can have different level of scope. The scopes are Farm, Web Application, Site and Web.


Service application in SharePoint 2010

A Service Application is a service which runs in a SharePoint farm. Service Applications have capabilities across multiple sites and servers in the same SharePoint farm, or even cross-farm.


Out parameter in C#. Explanation with C# code.

C# out parameter is a parameter which is declared with keyword out. It is the same as reference parameter.Generally in a single method a return statement can be used for returning only one value.


what is onet.xml file in sharepoint 2010?

Onet.xml is a part of a Site Definition.Several Onet.xml is installed while installing SharePoint Foundation.


What are data views webpart in SharePoint Designer?

In sharepoint designer you can create highly customization webpart for business data sources. These webparts refereed as data view webpart.


Remove versioning from document library in SharePoint 2010

Document libraries support version control. By default, versioning is not enabled, but can be enable or disable in the document library settings.


Enable versioning in a library in sharepoint 2010

Document libraries support version control. By default, versioning is not enabled, but is enabled in the document library settings.