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May 20 2015 9:00AM

Difference between interface and abstract class

Difference between abstract class and interface is one of the most asked question in interview. Lets have a look on difference between interface and abstract class.

May 20 2015 8:08AM

Interface explained in easy steps

Interface is similar to a class but with only declaration and no definition. Below are few code to explain interface in easy steps.

May 20 2015 4:27AM

Set Webpart property through code in SharePoint 2010

Set Webpart property through code in SharePoint 2010.

May 20 2015 2:24AM

When should i use Response.Redirect(url,false) in C# code - SharePointCafe Tutorial

What is the use of True and False in Response.Redirect? First parameter in Response.Redirect define redirection to next page but true/false tells whether to stop or continue processing the next line.

May 19 2015 10:58PM

What is Event Recursion in SharePoint 2010? How to avoid it?

Event recursion or Event handler recursion is a problem which occurs in event receiver. Event recursion will update your item again and again. Event recursion is a reason for poor performance of SharePoint site.

May 19 2015 10:28PM

Custom Event Receiver in SharePoint - SharePoint Cafe Tutorial

What is Event Receiver in SharePoint? By creating event receivers, you can respond when a user interacts with SharePoint objects such as lists or list items. 

May 19 2015 9:49PM

Timer job in SharePoint 2010. How to create a timer job?

What is Timer Job in SharePoint - Timer Jobs are background processes that are managed by SharePoint. Timer job runs on a periodic basis defined in central admin.

May 18 2015 10:52PM

Allow unsafe update vs run with elevated privileges in sharepoint 2010

What is allow unsafe update and run with elevated privileges in SharePoint 2010? What are the differences between allow unsafe update and RWEP.

May 18 2015 9:34PM

What is event handler in sharepoint?

EventHandlers are helpful to execute our own code whenever particular event occurred. We used event handler to do some actions or to protect some actions that may occur by a user.

May 17 2015 10:40AM

Workflow in SharePoint 2010

Workflow is a process to breakdown a complete set of job into small tasks. Workflow in SharePoint can be created in 2 different ways, in SharePoint Designer and Visual studio.

May 16 2015 8:21PM

Error while restoring sql database in microsoft sql server 2012

I found below error while restoring a database to Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: The operating system returned the error 5(Access is denied.)

May 14 2015 11:15PM

Getting started with LINQ in C# - SharePointCafe.Net

What is LINQ? LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. LINQ defines keywords that you can use to select, filter, sort, group, and transform data.

May 14 2015 10:46PM

Caching in ASP.NET

What is caching in asp.net?Caching is often used to store information that’s retrieved from a database. This makes sense after all, retrieving information from a database takes time.

May 13 2015 11:50PM

State Management in C#

What is State Management in C#?State management tells how you store information over the lifetime of your application. This information can be a users name or shopping cart for an online shopping site.

May 13 2015 10:11PM

Exception handling in C#

Exception Handling in C#. Most .NET languages support exception handling. Essentially, when an error occurs in the application, the .NET Framework throws an exception that represents the problem.